This History is Auto-Generated , 2022

Experimental Film, Animation, AI-Generated, Installation

The History is Auto-Generated is a manifestation of alternative histories and how to embody them. Our current reality is structured through simulated narratives. Slices of what makes sense come to inform how we work, live, and act usually mediated through a world of images and representation. Written by machines which feed on our needs and desires and output algorithms feasted on our memories. This project is a gesture onto embodying these generated narratives, re-inserting ourselves back into a position of agency within a history we feel sometimes is passing us by. When alternative futures are so hard to come, usually arriving as conjectures, this project encourages taking a driver’s seat in it.

Nanut has created an interactive narrative from GPT-3 based on various historical turning points in Thailand, society, economical, and political. These were implemented into a choose your own adventure online platform in which people were invited to participate. Dropped into a world, inhabiting different personas, jobs, positions and family, the audience gains agency in playing out, steering and determining the narrative, sometimes reaching their own personal goals and others succumbing to the overwhelming force of the narrative. The audience navigates these turning points to create and build a world of their own, a history of their choosing.

This exhibition features some of these narratives then created into a series of short films, possible alternative universes of this country. An internet cafe where you sit as a child but now return as an adult. Ready not to only play through but internalize a simulation of your own making. There is also a workshop in which audiences are invited to embody 3d personas, creating dialogue with one another through the prompts of these alternative histories.

The History is Auto-Generated is a wish to return to a certain point, not with nostalgic sentimentality but an empowerment of engendering that which is different. Where time flows at the tips of your keyboard and a mediated world, if only temporary is at your decision. Weaving through an ai-generated historical scenario based on our collective subconscious, drawing from the very stuff of our unknown dreams and into the grasps of our hands.