Rhopalia, 2016

Experimental-Video, Documentary

In the world that full of darkness and light,
we never know which light that led us to the right path. Somehow we just only can follow the light that nearest or brightest around ourselves.  Nobody wants to be left alone in the dark so we try as much as we could to follow our light but sometimes it might lead us to unfortunate consequences.

Rhopalia is a scientific name for jellyfish’s eyes which can only detect and sensible to light. Therefore jellyfish is a brainless living creature so they can only follow the light and wave without contemplation. They might end up lost in a vast ocean or dying along the shore. As well as people nowadays that sometimes follow the norm and light that shed on them without hesitation or consideration. They might end up as same as a jellyfish.  So when you still breathing, choose wisely.

ANTARA2019 International Invitational Media Art Exhibition
(LED Media Facade,
Kuala Lumpur,2019)