No man’s land, 2018

Documentary, Found-Object Installation, Parcipatory

“All the waves and currents hurried onward, suffering, toward objects, many goals. The waterfall, the lake, the rapids, the sea, and all the goals were reached; and each was followed by a new one, and the water became vapour and climbed into the sky, became rain and crashed down from the sky, became springs, brooks, became a river, strove onward again, flowed a new” This is an excerpt from Siddhartha, a novel, from Nobel Prize winner Herman Hesse that describes a transformation of water. Briefly, it means that even if water in every sources is changing its name and its form all the time, it is actually the same and only the one. It is something that looks different but still connected and co-existed. So should we hate something more than others because of its name or form?

Similarly, everything in this world has its own flaws and beauty. It would be better if people accept differences rather than judging. If we use this idea to look at our world today, we can be aware that there is enormous diversity in the society, such as races, political opinion, belief, religion and immigrants.  

Immigrants are no different from water. They move from place to place changing their name in order to find a new home. Because of being forced to abandon their homes, they have more than one home in their lives.

Apart from a place to live, home has many different meanings. Sometimes, it means an origin which describes one’s characteristic, belief, and culture. Sometimes, it means memories and bond of loves one or family. What if someone has more than one home and he has much more memories with one of it which is not his hometown, which one should be called “ home” ? It would be nice to try finding answer for this, because there are a lot of people who are still finding the meaning of home.

    The discrimination that is resulted from the judgment of different races develops to a severe conflict which makes some group of people lose their home and question about its meaning.

    I also have similar feeling of longing for home because I have to leave my hometown to study and work in Bangkok. I live most of my life in Bangkok which makes my memory in my hometown faded away. When I go back to my hometown I feel empty and feel like a stranger to it. Which one should I called it home?

    In this project, I focus on individual Rohingya who immigrates from Burma to Thailand 30 years ago. He traveled to Thailand because of the discrimination and violence from Burma government, but when he came across the border it was no different. He still faced many struggle from the same reason and that makes him feel hopeless with the world and need somewhere or something to make hime feel “home”. So I would like to help him find the meaning of his home whether it is a residence, hometown, memories or love ones.

BACC Early Years Project : Coeval  (BACC,Bangkok,2018)

No man’s land is process-based project which consist of 3 phase. 

Phase i : Arrival
-unpack object and random placement
-half of documentary film and photo montage
-roti feast performance on openning day 

Phase ii : Settle
-cozy environment installation (wall decoration,lighting installation)
-full documentary film
-archive showcase (family photos,personal document,open letters to NGOs)

Phase iii : Departure
-ready-to-transport installation(packed object,remove wall decoration and archive showcase)
-remnant (nails and tapes from wall decoration,lighting installation,photo album of all process in No man’s land project)