HAWIWI: I Wish I Wrote a History, 2021

Hardcover Book,Dual-Chanel Video, Card Game,Generated-Image

The origin of Thainess or Thai History was dominant and suppress by the Thai Elite and Government since the early Ratanakosin period (1782). Our narrative and history vanish and reform to serve the agenda of patriotism.

This project experiments on meta-narrative by
re-writing the history of Ratchaburi via card game and participatory with locals including high schooler and elementary students. Start from a process of collecting the small narratve from locals that represent the diversity of origin in Ratchaburi such as Mon, Tai Yuan, and Chinese. The card was drawn by elementary students from the keywords of character, place, and event of history in the city. The game methodology in this project is inspired by Once Upon The Time by Atlas Game, 1994. Then the history writing is executed on an online platform and was live-streamed. Finally, I collect all of the histories that were written in the game to make a video essay that metaphor the suppression of Thai
history and river velocity which is well manipulated by the Thai Government.

HAWIWI is a part of Longtruk Grant for The Art project conduct by Baan Norg Collaborative Art and Culture which was funded by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand and Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan).