A Memoir of Wounded Soul, 2017


In February of 2017, I confronted a psychopathy disorder called Schizophrenia. I became unable to control my conscious and behavior for a couple of months. After medical and psychological therapy my condition is better. I can control my thought and behavior but my ambition and delight are faded away.

The isolation process begins in during recovery. I had to stay in my hometown in Nakhon Nayok which I barely live in my entire life. I had no memory nor a friend in this town. What I remember is just a house that I lived when I was born. Somehow it becomes my prison. I usually idle all day glanced at the TV, spaced out, and lying. The day went by just like my reason to live.I craved to sleep and never wake up but when the morning comes I woke and cried(tearlessly). I look back to what I have done in past years to relieve and escape from a present. I found a lot of photos of my works and memories then I just realized that I always took photos of friends and things. It makes me feel that I used to be alive.

Therefore I attempt to do a photography therapy by myself. I wandering and pilgrim in my hometown that I have no memory. I walk with no destination in order to feel something maybe the heat of tropical country or my soul.